Patol Babu, Film star - Satyajit Ray - NCERT Solutions CBSE Class 10

Patol Babu, Film star - Satyajit Ray - NCERT Solutions CBSE Class 10

Answer the following questions briefly.

A.What was the news that Nishikanto Ghosh gave Patol Babu?
a) Nishikanto Babu’s brother-in-law in film business-in the production
department-was looking far an actor- description filled Patol Babu-
Nishikanto babu had suggested Patol Babu’s name – given him his address.

B.How did Patol Babu react? Why?
b) Tried to sound calm- said he would decide about taking up the offer after
talking to the brother-in-law.

C.Why had Patol Babu lost his first job in Calcutta?
c) First job in 1934 in Hudson and Kimberly in Calcutta – In 1943 sudden
retrenchment in his office due to the war cost him his job.

D.How does Patol Babu reconcile to the dialogue given to him?
d) We initially felt they were joking with him and just being cruel – then later he
decided to make it as effective as possible and even rehearsed different way
of saying ‘Oh!.’

E.Who was Mr. Pakrashi? How do his words help Patol Babu in enacting his role?
e) Gogon Pakrashi was Patol Babu’s mentor. A wonderful actor, without a trait
of vanity in him – a saintly person and an actor in a million- He had said that
each word spoken in a play is like a fruit on a tree – the actor must know how
to pluck it, get at its essence and serve it to the audience for their education.

F.How do we know that Patol Babu was a meticulous man?
f) Though he had only one word to say he meticulously practiced how to say it.

G.Why did Mr. Mullick turn down Patol Babu’s request for a rehearsal?
g) Mr. Mullick was busy- there was a patch of cloud approaching the sun- he
wanted to shoot the scene in sunlight.

H.What were the special touches that Patol Babu gave to his role to make it more authentic?
h) Practiced different ways of saying Oh! Wanted to have a newspaper in his
hand. Though in pain after banging his head he managed to say the Oh! with
great expression.

Q 4. Discuss the following questions in detail……

A,'I hope the part calls for some dialogue?' Who says this? Why does he /she ask this question?
a) Patol Babu says this to Naresh Dutta who had come to ask Patol Babu to act in
the film- he tells him he has to play the part of a pedestrian, an absent minded
person, to wear a coat and report at 8.30 sharp . Patol Babu then thinks and
asks Naresh Dutta whether he will have a dialogue or not.

B.'Were these people pulling his legs? Was the whole thing a gigantic hoax?
A meek, harmless man like him, and they had to drag him into the middle of the city to make a laughing stock out of him. How could anyone be so cruel?' Why does
Patol Babu have these thoughts?
b) Patol Babu goes for shooting the next day with great enthusiasm- brags to his
wife about it- thinks of the times he was appreciated on stage- the silver
medal he won – feels very sad when he comes to know he has a single word
to say.

C.Patol Babu is an amateur actor for whom walk-on part in a movie turns into an ultimate challenge. Discuss.
c). He is very upset initially when he hears that it is a single word ‘Oh’ that he
has to say. But then thinks of his mentor Pakrashi Babu’s words, who had
told him that it is in the hands of an actor to extract the maximum from the
dialogue and give it to the audience – He then practices how to say it in
different ways and plays his part with sincerity and passion.

D.Do you agree with the statement that Patol Babu is a practical man who comes to terms with whatever life has to offer? Give reasons for your answer.
d. Yes – When he lost his job in Calcutta did not lose heart – opened a variety
shop – then worked in a Bengali film and gave up the job as his boss was very
high headed – never let circumstances pull him down even – when he went
to act in the film – though he was initially dejected but he made the best of it
by practicing the part and doing it well.

E.Why does Patol Babu walk away before he can be paid for his role? What does this reveal about his character?
e. accept varied answers

F.Do you think making a movie is an easy job? Discuss with reference to the story
f. the students express their opinions and have a discussion.

Q 5. a. unassuming, modest
b. talented
c. meticulous
d. unassuming, passionate actor
e. humble

Q 6. Match the meanings
a. - to surrender or relinquish
b. - stimulate the imagination
c. - shut down
d. - staged
e. - stopped
f. - to gain control over one’s actions