20+ famous Akbar Birbal Moral stories in English.

Akbar Birbal Moral Stories in English:

Akbar Birbal Folktales Moral short stories in English
Akbar Birbal Folktales Moral short stories in English

Birbal’s Khichri (Rice)
On a cold winter day, Akbar and Birbal took a walk along the lake. A thought came to Birbal that a man would do anything for money. He expressed his feelings to Akbar. Akbar then put his finger into the lake and immediately removed it because he shivered with cold. Akbar said, “I don’t think a man would spend an entire night in the cold water of this lake for money.” Birbal replied, “I am sure I can find such a person.” Akbar then challenged Birbal into finding such a person and said that he would reward the person with a thousand gold coins.
Birbal searched far and wide until he found a poor man who was desperate enough to accept the challenge. The poor man entered the lake and Akbar had guards posted near him to make sure that he really did as promised. The next morning the guards took the poor man to Akbar. Akbar asked the poor man if he had indeed spent the night in the lake. The poor man replied that he had. Akbar then asked the poor man how he managed to spend the night in the lake.
The poor man replied that there was a street lamp nearby and he kept his attention affixed on the lamp and away from the cold. Akbar then said that there would be no reward as the poor man had survived the night in the lake by the warmth of the street lamp. The poor man went to Birbal for help.
The next day, Birbal did not go to court. The king wondering where he was, sent a messenger to his home. The messenger came back saying that Birbal would come once his Khichri(Rice) was cooked. The king waited hours but Birbal did not come. Finally, the king decided to go to Birbal’s house and see what he was up to.
He found Birbal sitting on the floor near some burning twigs and a bowl filled with Khichri (Rice) hanging five feet above the fire. The king and his attendants couldn’t help but laugh.
Akbar then said to Birbal “How can the Khichri(Rice) be cooked if it so far away from the fire?”
Birbal answered, “The same way the poor man received heat from a street lamp that was more than a furlong away.” The King understood his mistake and gave the poor man his reward.
Moral: A small ray of hope is enough to inspire the one who is ready to work hard to turn his dream into a reality.

Red Hot Iron

One day, one rich man wanted to punish a man named Hasan. He blamed him that he had stolen necklace from his house, and reported to the Akbar . The case was brought in the court. Akbar asked the man, “Why do you think that Hasan has stolen your necklace?” The man replied, “Your Honor, I have seen him stealing the necklace.” Hasan said, “No Huzoor I am innocent,  I do not know anything about necklace.”
The rich man said, “Huzoor If he is innocent, let him prove his innocence. let me bring the hot iron, and if he can hold it in his bare hands, then I will agree that he has not stolen my necklace, and he is speaking truth.”
Hasan said, “If I am speaking the truth, then I will not burn my hands with that hot iron?”
“you are right. God will protect you.” said the rich man.
Now Hasan could not do anything but to hold red hot iron in his hands to prove his innocence, and that he was speaking the truth. He asked Akbar to give him one day to look for that necklace again and He went home.
He took advice from Birbal . When he returned next day, he said, “I am ready for that. But the same thing should apply to him too. If he is speaking the truth, then the red hot iron should not burn his hands also. So let him bring that red hot iron holding in his both hands, then I will hold that iron in my bare hands.”
Now the rich man was speechless. He told the Akbar that he would go and search his necklace again in his house, maybe it was misplaced somewhere there.
Akbar ordered to give necklace to Hasan as a punishment to the Rich man.'


Birbal was King Akbar’s advisory, friend and trustworthy colleague. At times Akbar would call upon Birbal to discuss important court matters.One day King Akbar and Birbal were discussing some political issues and during their conversation Birbal got carried away and uttered, “Jahan Pannah, kya aap bhi na, itna sa nahi samajh sakte.” (Your highness! can’t you even understand such a small thing.) This offended King Akbar and he felt very bad and was annoyed with Birbal.
Kid’s can you figure out what could have happened next- “Was Akbar mad at Birbal, Was Birbal punished?” Keep reading -Birbal’s sweet reply 🙂
Birbal was a smart brain; he easily figured out that his words had annoyed the emperor and King Akbar was not in a great mood.With folded hands he asked King Akbar, “Jahan Pannah, what’s the matter, what happened to you all of a sudden.”
Akbar who was fuming with anger replied, “Birbal these days you are being very loud mouthed, you have no manners whatsoever and utters whatever comes to your mind.”

Birbal was ready for this, he smiled and replied,”Jahan pannah, times have changed. Nowadays company matters the most, sangati ka asar hai.” King Akbar was shocked at Birbal’s reply, he understood how smartly he was outwitted by Birbal and with his sweet reply Birbal had put the ball in Akbar’s court. 

Clever Birbal

Once an oil merchant and the villager came to Akbar with a quarrel about the money Bag.
Merchant said that When the villager came to buy oil from him he gave them the oil and collected money from them.  But villager said he had never visited Oil shop. Each claimed that the bag belonged to him.
Everybody in the court were surprised and was waiting eagerly how Akbar would solve this problem.
Akbar asked Birbal to find the solution. He asked for some water in a bowl. The servant brought the water. Birbal placed the bag in the bowl. After sometime everybody saw some oil float on water. Birbal told that the bag belonged to the oil merchant not to the villager. If villager didnt visit the oil shop then there would be no oil on coins or bag.
Everybody praised Birbal and the customer was punished.

Akbar’s Dream

Not only other people but also  Akbar tried to defeat  Birbal . Once   Akbar was narrating a dream. The dream began with Akbar and Birbal walking towards each other on a dark night It was so dark that they could not see each other, and so collided and fell. The King said  “Fortunately for me, I fell into a sea of Paayzam, an Indian sweet.  but guess what Birbal fell into?” Courtiers asked “What, Huzoor?”
“A gutter.” The whole court begin to laugh so loudly as they got a chance to laugh at Birbal . The King was happy as at least for once he had been able to defeat the Birbal.
But Birbal was quite. As soon as the laughter died , he said  “Huzoor, I also had the same dream, but unlike you I slept on till the end. When you climbed out of that pool of delicious Paayazam, and I out of that stinking gutter, we found that there was no water to clean ourselves and so do you know what we did?”
Akbar asked “What?”
Birbal said “We licked each other to clean each other.”
Akbar became speechless and he never tried  let Birbal down again.
Not only other people but also Akbar tried to defeat Birbal . Once Akbar was narrating a dream. The dream began with Akbar and Birbal walking towards each other on a dark night It was so dark that they could not see each other, and so collided and fell. The King said “Fortunately for me, I fell into a sea of Paayzam, an Indian sweet. but guess what Birbal fell into?” Courtiers asked “What, Huzoor?” “A gutter.” The whole court begin to laugh so loudly as they got a chance to laugh at Birbal . The King was happy as at least for once he had been able to defeat the Birbal. But Birbal was quite. As soon as the laughter died , he said “Huzoor, I also had the same dream, but unlike you I slept on till the end. When you climbed out of that pool of delicious Paayazam, and I out of that stinking gutter, we found that there was no water to clean ourselves and so do you know what we did?” Akbar asked “What?” Birbal said “We licked each other to clean each other.” Akbar became speechless and he never tried let Birbal down again.

The Three Questions

King Akbar was very fond of Birbal. This made a certain courtier very jealous. Now this courtier always wanted to be chief minister, but this was not possible as Birbal filled that position.  One day Akbar praised Birbal in front of the courtier. This made the courtier very angry and he said that the king praised Birbal unjustly and if Birbal could answer three of his questions, he would accept the fact that Birbal was intelligent. Akbar always wanting to test Birbals wit readily agreed.
The three questions were
1. How many stars are there in the sky
2. Where is the centre of the Earth and
3. How many men and how many women are there in the world.
Immediately Akbar asked Birbal the three questions and informed him that if he could not answer them, he would have to resign as chief minister.
To answer the first question, Birbal brought a hairy sheep and said, “There are as many stars in the sky as there is hair on the sheep’s body. My friend the courtier is welcome to count them if he likes.”
To answer the second question, Birbal drew a couple of lines on the floor and bore an iron rod in it and said, “this is the center of the Earth, the courtier may measure it himself if he has any doubts.”
In answer to the third question, Birbal said, “Counting the exact number of men and women in the world would be a problem as there are some specimens like our courtier friend here who cannot easily be classified as either. Therefore if all people like him are killed, then and only then can one count the exact number.”
Moral: There is Always a Way.

Farmer’s Well & Witty Birbal
Once a man sold his well to a farmer. Next day when a farmer went to draw the water from that well, the man did not allow him to draw the water from it. He said, “I have sold you the well, not the water, so you cannot draw the water from the well.”
The farmer became very sad and came to the Emperor’s court. He described everything to the Emperor and asked for the justice.
The Emperor called Birbal and handed over this case to him. Birbal called the man who sold the well to the farmer. Birbal asked, “Why don’t you let him use the water of the well. You have sold the well to the farmer.” The man replied, “Birbal, I have sold the well to the farmer, not the water. He has no right to draw the water from the well.”
Then Birbal smiled and said to him, “Good, but look, since you have sold the well to this farmer, and you claim that water is yours, then you have no right to keep your water in the farmer’s well. Either you pay rent to the farmer to keep your water in his well, or you take that out of his well immediately.”
The man understood, that his trick has failed. Birbal has outwitted him.

Moral: Don’t Try to Cheat. You will end up paying for it regardless of how smart you think you are.

The Pot of the Wit

Once Emperor Akbar became very angry at his favorite minister Birbal. He asked Birbal to leave the kingdom and go away. Accepting the command of the Emperor, Birbal left the kingdom and started working in a farmer’s farm in an unknown village far away under a different identity.
As months passed, Akbar started to miss Birbal. He was struggling to solve many issues in the empire without Birbal’s advice. He regretted a decision, asking Birbal to leave the empire in anger. So Akbar sent his soldiers to find Birbal, but they failed to find him. No one knew where Birbal was. Akbar finally found a trick. He sent a message to the head of every village to send a pot full of the wit to the Emperor. If the pot full of wit can not be sent, fill the pot with diamonds and jewels.
This message also reached Birbal, who lived in one of the villages. The people of the village got together. All started talking about what to do now? The wit is not a thing, which can be filled in the pot. How will we arrange for diamonds and jewels to fill the pot and send to the Emperor? Birbal who was sitting among the villagers said, “Give me the pot, I will fill the wit in one month’s end”. Everyone trusted Birbal and agreed to give him a chance. They still didn’t know his identity.
Birbal took the pot with him and went back to the farm. He had planted watermelons on his farm. He selected a small watermelon and without cutting it from the plant, he put that in the pot. He started looking after it by providing water and fertilizer regularly. Within a few days, the watermelon grew into a pot so much that it was impossible to get it out of the pot.
Soon, the watermelon reached to the same size as the pot from inside. Birbal then cut the watermelon from the vine and separated it with the pot. Later, he sent a pot to Emperor Akbar with a message that “Please remove the wit without cutting it from the pot and without breaking the pot”.
Akbar watched the watermelon in the pot and realized that this can only be Birbal’s Work. Akbar himself came to the village, took Birbal back with him.
Moral: Don’t hasten the decision. Think hard to find a solution for the strangest situations. 


one day King Akbar questioned his courtiers – Who walks all the time?
Everyone in the court thought that this was the easy question compared to what emperor asks all the time. They had a relaxed look on their face. One of the courtier replied – Sun, some said earth, others said moon, but the emperor was not convinced. Kid’s did you think these were the answers.. Well I too thought so.. We all were thinking the same. Let’s read further to get our answers.
Akbar turned towards Birbal and asked him the same.
Birbal who was listening to everyone quietly stood up and as usual was ready with his reply. He uttered, “Badshah Salamat, Baniye ka Bayaj- interest amount of a lender goes on and on. It never stops or gets tired but keeps on going day and night at a faster speed. No one on the earth can stop it unless you pay it in full.”

Everyone was blown away by his answer,they looked at Birbal with their jaw dropped. Birbal had once again outsmarted everyone in the court and had succeeded in impressing King Akbar. This is why he was emperor’s favorite. WOW!! what an answer, really brilliant thinking, Birbal was something – don’t you agree kids. 

Hundred Gold Coins & Birbal

The wisdom of Birbal was unparalleled during the reign of Emperor Akbar. But Akbar’s brother in law was extremely jealous of him. He asked the Emperor to dispense with Birbal’s services and appoint him in his place. He gave ample assurance that he would prove to be more efficient and capable than Birbal. Before Akbar could take a decision on this matter, this news reached Birbal.
Birbal resigned and left. Akbar’s brother in law was made the minister in place of Birbal. Akbar decided to test the new minister. He gave three hundred gold coins to him and said, “Spend these gold coins such that, I get a hundred gold coins here in this life; a hundred gold coins in the other world and another hundred gold coins neither here nor there.”
The minister found the entire situation to be a maze of confusion and hopelessness. He spent sleepless nights worrying how he would get himself out of this mess. Thinking in circles was making him go crazy. Eventually, on the advice of his wife, he sought Birbals help. Birbal said, “Just give me the gold coins. I shall handle the rest.”
Birbal walked the streets of the city holding the bag of gold coins in his hand. He noticed a rich merchant celebrating his son’s wedding. Birbal gave a hundred gold coins to him and bowed courteously saying, “Emperor Akbar sends you his good wishes and blessings for the wedding of your son. Please accept the gift he has sent.” The merchant felt honored that the king had sent a special messenger with such a precious gift. He honored Birbal and gave him a large number of expensive gifts and a bag of gold coins as a return gift for the king.
Next, Birbal went to the area of the city where the poor people lived. There he bought food and clothing in exchange for a hundred gold coins and distributed them in the name of the Emperor.
When he came back to town he organized a concert of music and dance. He spent a hundred gold coins on it.
The next day Birbal entered Akbar’s darbar and announced that he had done all that the king had asked his brother-in-law to do. The Emperor wanted to know how he had done it. Birbal repeated the sequences of all the events and then said, “The money I gave to the merchant for the wedding of his son – you have got back while on this earth. The money I spent on buying food and clothing for the poor – you will get it in the other world. The money I spent on the musical concert – you will get neither here nor there.” Akbar’s brother in law understood his mistake and resigned. Birbal got his place back.
Moral: The money you spend on friends is returned or reciprocated in some form or the other. The money spent on charity gets converted into blessings from God which will be your eternal property. The money spent on pleasures is just frittered away. So when you spend your money, think a little, if not a lot.

Honest Birbal

One fine day Akbar was discussing the brinjal with Birbal . He told him what a delicious and nutritious vegetable it was. Birbal agreed with him and said “Huzoor you are right brinjal is delicious vegetable”.
“Huzoor you are right brinjal is delicious vegetable”.
After a few of days. Birbal was also eating at the palace that day. When the brinjal curry was served to Akbar , he refused it saying that it was a tasteless vegetable, full of seeds and lacking proper nutrition.
Birbal, too, refused it saying that it was not good for health. So Akbar impatiently asked him why he was saying such things when he praise brinjals a few days ago.
Birbal replied that he had praised the brinjal only because his emperor had praised it and criticized it when his majesty had criticized it, as he was loyal to his emperor and to not the brinjal. He said that the brinjal could not make him a minister no matter how much he praised it. He went on to say that he was his majesty’s obedient servant, and not that of the brinjal.
The King was pleased by his honest and witty response.

Birbal’s Wisdom
One fine day, Akbar lost his ring. When Birbal arrived in the court, Akbar told him “I have lost my ring. My father had given it to me as a gift. Please help me find it.”  Birbal said, ‘do not worry your Majesty, I will find your ring right now.’
He said, ”Your Majesty the ring is here in this court itself, it is with one of the courtiers.  The courtier who has a straw in his beard has your ring.”  The courtier who had the emperors ring was shocked and immediately moved his hand over his beard.  Birbal noticed this act of the courtier.  He immediately pointed towards the courtier and said, ”Please search this man. He has the emperors ring.”
Akbar could not understand how Birbal had Managed to find the ring.  Birbal then told Akbar that a guilty person is always scared.
Moral: A Guilty Conscience need No Accuser.


One day Akbar asked Birbal – “ Birbal tell me why don’t hair grow on my palm?”
Birbal as usual answered in a very calm tone, “ Jahan pannah! It’s your daily routine to donate stuff to the poor because of that no hairs grow on your palms.”

Akbar was very elated to hear his praises but he wanted to take this conversation a little further. He again asked, “Birbal , why don’t hair grow on your palms?”
Birbal replied, “ I take so much donations from you and because of that there are no hairs on my palm.”
Ha.ha..ha.. Birbal indeed is very funny.. What do you think King Akbar’s next question for Birbal would be? Will he be able to answer that question? Let’s read further. 🙂
Akbar wanted to defeat birbal in this talk, he again questioned Birbal, “ Why there are no hairs in our courtiers palms?”Birbal understood that emperor was testing him so he replied, “ Badshah! The answer to this one is pretty simple. When you give me rewards than these poor courtesies get zealous and start rubbing their hands and because of that no hairs grow on their palms. Everyone’s jaw dropped after listening to Birbal’s answer.
King Akbar understood that there is no point in arguing with Birbal as he is Hazir jawab – ready to answer on any topic.

Hurray for Birbal – how clever he was and all his explanations were spot-on. Now it’s time to say good bye and will meet soon with another funny story.


one fine day king Akbar and Birbal were strolling in their royal gardens. The topic of their discussion was – recent conquers of Akbar; all the territories and neighboring states that Akbar had conquered. Did you know – Akbar wanted to rule all over Northern India. WHY – because he wanted to establish himself as the supreme lord of Northern India.
Well coming back to the story – While walking the gardens, a question popped up in emperor’s mind and he asked Birbal, “Birbal who is the biggest of all – sabse bada kaun hai?” Birbal understood Akbar wanted Birbal to rave (talk) about his recent conquerors and praise his work. 
Birbal immediately replied, “Badshah, a kid is the biggest of all”.
Yeah you heard me right kiddos – you cuties are the biggest of all. Was Akbar pleased with his answer..what do you guys think — Nahh, I thought so.Let’s keep reading…
King Akbar was not pleased with his reply and asked Birbal to prove his point. Birbal knew emperor was not happy and he asked for the next 48 hours to prove his point. Time was granted.
To prove his point Birbal asked his friend for help. His friend had an adorable son who was 2 years old and Birbal wanted to take that baby to the palace. His friend agreed and Birbal brought the baby to the court. King was delighted to see such an adorable kid in his court and asked Birbal to bring the baby close to him.
Akbar took the baby and made him sit in his lap. That little kid made King Akbar forget all his worries and King was having an amazing time with this cute little baby. Suddenly while playing, baby pulled emperor’s mustache and emperor was very angry. He screamed in pain, “Birbal, why did you bring this ill mannered kid to my court? Is he not aware about me? Take him away at once or I will punish him.”
Birbal thought it’s the right time to prove his point. He said,”Jahan pannah, at this point this kid is bigger than you. If that was not the case then how could this cute little baby had the courage to pull your mustache. If some else at his place would have dared to hurt you, he would not be standing alive. No body has the courage to hurt our emperor”. Akbar was flabbergasted to hear Birbal’s explanation and every word he said was true. Not only that kid was alive rather he was smiling and walking around muttering some words. Aww…cho chweet baby!! Birbal had smartly proved his point once again. After listening to Birbal’s explanation, King Akbar had calmed down, he hugged the little kid and praised Birbal.