Plants around us worksheets

Plants around us

Plants use sunlight to grow and once they do, they can reproduce. Plants come in many sizes and shapes—from grasses to trees—and their many parts can be used by animals and people for food and other purposes. 
Tree: Tall, big and strong plants are called trees.The stem of a tree is called the trunk.Trees give us shade, fruits and wood.
Small plants : Small plants are smaller than trees.Their stems are thinner and weaker. They need lesser space to spread. They are not very tall.Shrubs, herbs, climbers and creepers are small plants.
Shrubs: Shrubs are smaller than treesThey have small, thin, hard, woody stem and many branches. These branches grow close to the ground. They are medium in size and they live for several years
Herbs: Some small plants have soft and green stems
Climbers: Stems of some plants are weak. 
Creepers: Some plants have thorns. 
Water Plants: Different types of leaves of different plants around us: