Fruits and vegetables worksheet for kindergarten

Fruits and vegetables recognition ( Identification) worksheet for kindergarten

In Pre-school it is required for small children to recognize and identify  the objects like fruits , flowers, vegetables, animals etc. for that it is important that child will look at the picture and match, write or color the worksheet. By watching the picture of the objects child creates a picture in his mind to remember the object for life long. we wish that these worksheets will go to help a lot of parents, kids and teachers.

VEGETABLES WORKSHEET: Match the vegetable with same picture 

vegetable worksheet
Vegetable identification worksheet for kindergarten

FRUIT WORKSHEET : Draw a line to relevant spelling to fruit.

fruits worksheet
fruit recognition worksheet

FRUIT WORKSHEET :Match the fruit with same picture.

fruit worksheets
fruit recognition worksheet

VEGETABLES WORKSHEET : Write of the vegetable shown in picture.

vegetable worksheets
Vegetables recognition worksheet

FRUIT WORKSHEET : Write the name of the fruit shown in below picture.

fruit worksheets
fruit recognition worksheet